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Redstone Solar has been in business for over 8 years. Starting back in 2012 our focus is to offer the highest quality products and latest technologies in solar and storage for the ultra-custom homes. We have since branched out and offered our high tech solutions to homes, and businesses building up an impressive portfolio of happy customers across the Wasatch front. In a market dominated by “door to door sales companies” and “new start-ups,” our experience and focus offer a service that is unparalleled. 

Only the best materials with the latest technologies are used on our projects. As the industry struggles to cut costs by cutting corners we have chosen to stand by our commitment to avoid plastic components and low-quality panels. From the top to bottom, our attachments, inverters, panels, electrical components, batteries, and even zip ties will be selected from name-brand manufacturers and local distributors.

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Clean Energy

The majority of electricity in Utah is produced using coal. By generating your power with solar panels you will be decreasing your environmental impact.

Lower Electricity Cost

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, generating your own electricity can be more affordable than buying it from the power company.

Battery Storage

Adding a battery with solar panels will allow one to have electricity during a power outage. Batteries can also be used every day to store the electricity that solar panels generate.

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Solar Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of going solar. Both environmental and financial.


Going solar can be easier and more affordable than you might think.

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The little details matter just as much as the big details. Our experienced installers will handle the fragile electronics with care, avoiding impact drivers and using hand torque wrenches. Every bolt from the lags up will be hand torqued to manufacture specifications. Rails will be properly trimmed off at the edge of the array, panels will be leveled and squared on the roof, and plumbing vents will be relocating.

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