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New battery technology is making it possible to back up a home for hours or even days. Redstone Solar offers several different battery configurations. Learn more about batteries and the latest products.

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Clean Energy

The majority of electricity in Utah is produced using coal. By generating your power with solar panels you will be decreasing your environmental impact.

Lower Electricity Cost

As the cost of electricity continues to rise, generating your own electricity can be more affordable than buying it from the power company.

Battery Storage

Adding a battery with solar panels will allow one to have electricity during a power outage. Batteries can also be used every day to store the electricity that solar panels generate.

Fleur-de-Lis Apartment Commercial Solar Project

Commercial Solar Installation

| Commercial Installations, LG Solar Panels, Utah County Solar Installations | No Comments
Redstone Solar installed this Provo commercial solar panel installation. These solar panels will offset the electricity used in the commonspace. Commercial solar panel installations on apartment buildings can be used…
Solar panels on home in sandy utah

Sandy Utah Uninstall Reinstall Reroof

| Enphase Solar Install, Repair and Maintenance, Salt Lake County Solar Installations, Solar Install | No Comments
Redstone Solar installed this 30-panel solar installation 10 years ago. Over the last decade, this system has produces 90 mWh of of electricity valued at around $14,000. A lot of…

Santaquin Utah Solar Panel Addition + EV Charger Installation

| Car Charger Install, LG Solar Panels | No Comments
Redstone Solar installed 10 more solar panels and an electric vehicle charger for this Santaquin solar panel installation. The 10 additional solar panels were added to the the 20 existing…

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With the current economic situation, Redstone Solar is offering remote assessments. If you are interested in speaking with someone at Redstone, please feel free to submit a request and we will reach out to you on your preferred method of communication. 

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